No Pain, No Gain.

Hello My Dear!

Do you believe this to be true?  Or have you ever?

If you’ve equated struggle or suffering with value & effectiveness – this sharing, “might”, change your perspective.  (Oh please, oh please!)

No Pain No Gain

And if you’d like to know about how this might possibly pertain to the world of the workout – there’s a 5 day series I created (through my other site where I focus mostly on fat loss & fitness) with the focus being education around fat burning, where exercise is one component.

Feel free to sign up for that here if that holds any interest –

To getting you clearer on how the body works, & how to make it work for you.

xox, M

Wake Up Your Sleepy Glutes!

Hello Dear Ones!

If you’ve ever wondered WHY it might be that you have a hard time using your glutes in the gym or in helping to offset using your lower back when picking things up – these quick techniques might be for you.

AND if you have no idea WHAT has been going on with your glutes, or what they might be affecting (positive or negative) – then PLEASE check this out.

To getting you clearer on how the body works, & how to make it work for you.

xox, M

Sitting Pretty

Hello Dear Ones!

Do you find yourself seated, like, ALL THE TIME???

Are you chained to a chair in some capacity much of & most days?

Do you have nagging sensations in your lower/upper back or neck that you believe are simply par for the course based on this position?

Well IF so – PLEASE check out this brief video.

I talk about this slight shift ALL the time, but also often in someone’s initial visit.

Easy to have missed.  And if so, please don’t let it pass you by again.

To getting you clearer on how the body works, & how to make it work for you.

xox, M

2 little Adjustments = WAY less Pain.

Hello Dear Ones!

The main cause of pain is weakness – so strengthening the body is VERY SMART if you wish to both have an able & COMFORTABLE body.

(if understanding what to do for yours is desired – Power & Pain might be a good education to receive, please check out a brief description in the online scheduling service)

The other culprit that’s to blame in the pain game is posture.

Strength can enable us to get away w/ a lot, but if we’re sporting a stellar slouch most days – it’s simply a matter of time until we are QUITE uncomfortable.

To check out 2 little adjustments that could change a LOT on the pain front – give this wee video a look-see.

Posture Prevents Pain

To getting you clearer on how your body works, & how to make it work for you.

xo, M

Surprise! Stiff Neck!

Hello My Darlings!

Has THIS ever happened to you?

You fall asleep peacefully & have a sound night’s sleep, only to wake in the morning unable to turn your head??

Mon Dieu! & no beuno!

If you desire to understand more of WHAT might be behind that, & what might help to get you a bit more functional & comfortable – check this video out.

It might change mornings in your future.

To getting you clearer on how your body works, & how to make it work for you.

xo, M

Still Point Makes RI a Place to Call Home (??)

Hello Dear Ones,

I wanted to share both the feeling of honor of being singled out to be written about, & to share the article itself.

I guess it does make sense that someone might choose to move to a location based on a variety of aspects that support either their livelihood, joy, or well being.

Well, apparently the lovely people at RI Homes thought Still Point might be a Selling Point for some.

Overwhelmingly flattered.

To getting you clearer on how your body works, & how to make it work for you.

xo, M

& PS: Power & Pain is mentioned in this article! If preventing injury & understanding how to be strongest in any given move is of interest – PLEASE be in touch!

Plantar Fasciitis & “7 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight” (rec webinar)

Hello Dear Ones!

SO many people have wrestled w/ intense pain on the sole of their foot, & have felt challenged w/ precisely WHAT to do in order to create relief.

Due to that, I wanted to insert a bit of logic & order into this equation.

If this is something that has prevented you from running or has made your choice of footwear or even the ability to be on your feet an issue – please watch. There might be some useful insight specific to you.

Plantar Fasciitis – the deal & some options

AND, SOME of you may be aware that I both help people in the effort of fat loss/fat burning & that a webinar was held last week on, “7 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight” (& what to do about it).

IF fat loss is something that you’ve wrestled w/, & desire additional clarity on – please be in touch to check out the webinar & hear about some common pitfalls that many be plaguing you too.

To getting you clearer on how your body works, & how to make it work for you.

xo, M

Gluteal Amnesia (& reminder of 20% off Power & Pain until Fri 3/31)

Hello Dear Ones!

I wished to offer a story w a happy ending re lower back pain.

This video shares a way to access that relief yourselves, & also includes a reminder of the opportunity to take advantage of Power & Pain* @ 20% off until 3/31.

This program is designed to enable your body to both NOT have mishaps &/or to be strongest & feel best. Hopefully forever.

Power & Pain* = 2 hr+ training sessions where the fundamentals of HOW the body moves best/most safely gets revealed/reinforced, as well as having your personal history accounted for w/ modifications around movement (either bring it up to speed, or respecting it as such throughout time).

There will also be discussion around foundational support concerning diet (anti-inflammation, or to aid in fat loss), as well as supplemental support in the form of vitamins & minerals to help a body not prematurely age, have more energy, not get sick/rundown, &/or recover faster from exercise, look youthful & feel vibrant.

Give this a look if your lower back is your problem area too, & give Power & Pain a thought if you’d like to be injury free, strongest in any given endeavor, & feeling robust & energized at a weight that feels best. (For LIFE!  😳)

Gluteal Amnesia (& reminder about 20% of Power & Pain)

To getting you clearer on how your body works, & how to make it work for you.

xox, M

*training sessions for Power & Pain will be held @ Laid-back Fitness in Warwick, & sessions need to be scheduled directly via email or phone.

*sessions need to be purchased by 3/31/17 to receive 20% discount, but do not need to be used by that date.  20% discount can also be combined w/ the price of a massage when purchased together.

*To purchase independently, pls go to, gift certificates, packages  – it will be listed on the top; or please email or call directly.

Power & Pain (new offering & a 20% discount for March)

Hello Dear Ones!

IF we’ve EVER talked about the cause of your discomfort, or if you’ve had specific exercises or techniques demonstrated to you, or we’ve gone over them in the treatment room, or you’ve had instructional videos sent to you, OR you make a point to watch these videos for a tutorial that might apply to your current situation…..


Oh my goodness!!  I’m so excited!!  :D!!  FINALLY, the offer is now literally ON the table to actually have the whole picture of your body revealed to you – should you so wish.

Power & Pain is 2 training sessions* (following having worked on your body in the recent past) that will go over the mechanics of the body, how to use physics to your advantage, & how to either offset or heal your personal physical limitations.

We’ll also broach the subject of inflammation/body breakdown & how to offset that w/ supplemental support; as well as the topic of nutrition &/or the biological state of Fat Burning – should that be desired.

If you’ve wrestled w/ getting injured, or feeling weak in certain positions/movements, OR there are aspects of your body that you tend to avoid due to concern of feeling pain – this could be for you.

If you feel that your body could be performing better in life, @ the gym, in your sport of choice & have a desire to understand how to be strongest/most powerful AND to remain injury free – this could be for you.

If you feel like you are less able & are just, “getting old”, & wish to NOT feel that way – this could be for you.

If you desire a body that feels like it has less limits, & desire to understand HOW to have that – this could be for you.

If energy, weight loss, or eating as you believe you, “should”, is eluding you – this could be for you.

The body is magical, but it is not mysterious.  It is logical.  If you have a desire to understand more about the home that you inhabit, & how to use it to your advantage – I invite you to check out this offering.

**** & for the month of March Power & Pain is 20% off, as well as 20% off the cost of a Massage if purchased together.

**** This is @ least a $50 savings, if you have a need PLEASE take advantage!

To giving you an education that could last your lifetime.

Much, much love!!

Excited! 😀

xox, M

* Training sessions need to be scheduled by phone/email, & will be performed @ Laid-Back Fitness in Warwick.

Shoulder (& Super Human) Strength

Hello Dear Ones!

Ok!  Shoulder strength & stability is ALWAYS a hot topic, but a little more than usual as of late.

If you have injured, or feel the need to baby 1 (or both :O) of your shoulders & RESIST doing mundane rotator cuff exercises – this might be the move for you.

AND if you wish to make your shoulder’s move away from the land of simply preventing pain, & into the realm of amazement w/ what’s possible w/in your own body’s abilities – this quick technique might be for you as well.

To keeping you in the know & free from harm.

xo, M