Stop Hurting Yourself! (Power & Pain – ebook)

Hello Darling One!

Figured I’d make this a slightly more formal invitation to get the FULL scope on how to prevent injury & capitalize on the strength that you possess.

If you’ve flirted with the idea of the in person Power & Pain sessions for these exact reasons, but have felt that they didn’t work in your life for whatever reason – the ebook, Power & Pain, might be the solution.

This is meant to be a step by step manual to go through how to eliminate the possibility of getting hurt in deliberate challenge (exercise), or the everyday variety of movement.

It’s also designed to provide an education as to how to add load in ways that will take advantage of a sound structure AND show you how to create more power in any movement.

Like the in person Power & Pain – this is meant to be an education to use ALWAYS.

And with this ebook, the opportunity is to have this information literally in your back pocket.

Full of photos & quick demo videos – this is meant to be highly comprehensive & retainable.

Would love to have you check out Power & Pain (the ebook) if inclined, & be in touch with questions if there are any.

To getting you clearer on how the body works, & how to make it work for you.

xox, M

Baby Steps for Neck Pain

Hello Dear One!

Ok!  Have you experienced neck discomfort to the degree that your neck felt supremely tentative & fragile?

If movement to much/any degree felt nearly IMPOSSIBLE – this quick exercise might be for you.

Isometric Exercises for the Neck

AND if you’ve heard enough about the 2 training sessions dubbed, “Power & Pain”, to get your interest up AND you’d like the full scope of information to be digested in the comfort of your own home – the ebook is here!

This is meant to help you to prevent injury & e strongest in any given move.  For life.

Give it a gander if there’s a need or a desire.

To getting you clear on how the body works, & how to make it work for you.

xox, M

How to not Blow It at Yoga

Hello My Darling!

Do you do yoga?  Or do you wish to?  Do you view it as a vital component of any fitness regime?  Have you ever gotten HURT doing it?

If so, this is for you!

Check out how to protect your lower back & shoulders while still staying in the studio or continuing on with your private practice.

**additionally there is a LOT of emphasis to tuck one’s pelvis/tail in this activity.  IF you have a delicate lower back please do NOT do this as it will put more (not less) stress on it.  Advocate for yourself in this manner as it will more than likely be going against instruction.  Listen to yourself & do what feels right.

& in the video I promised a refresher on Shoulder Packing:

To getting you clear as to how the body works, & how to make it work for you.

xox, M

Shoveling Tips

Hello Darling One!

How did you fare through the storm??  Hopefully well.

And I also hope that the process of snow management in your world ALSO went smoothly.

To either ensure that it does for the future, OR to know how it went wrong (& what to do about it!) – please check this out.

Would love to see you ANY time, but would love even more for you to know how to not get hurt. 😉

AND if you have a desire to both understand how to not get hurt OR to help a variety of aspects of your health – please check this link out.

I’m coaching individuals more formally on the matters of pain, strength, weakness, preventing body breakdown, NOT FEELING OLD, sped up recovery, & weight loss.

I’ve been working with clients in all these capacities separately for some time, & now I wish for all that’s available to be known to possibly put together one person’s multi faceted “puzzle”.

In these initial stages I’m wishing to work with a handful of individuals for a reduced cost to streamline offerings/timelines & to receive feedback.

Would love to have you take a gander & be in touch if you have any questions or interest.

Thank you!!!

To getting you clearer on how the body works, & how to make it work for you.

xoxo, M

Holiday Love Bomb

Hello Dear One!

Just wanted to give you a virtual hug & share some words that might help ease up any tension if there is some present.

Hope you are treating yourself incredibly well in this season, as you deserve nothing less.

Much. much love to you.

xox, M

Steps for Self-Diagnosis

Hello My Darling!

Have you ever felt CONFUSED as to what to do for a sudden pain in your body?

Where you felt like you were in a sea of (mild to intense) pain with no understanding of which direction to head to reach the shore?

Well, you’re not alone!

If you’d like to have some instruction as to what to try out to possibly either get a handle, or create some relief, for yourself without additional assistance – this video might be worth checking out.

To getting you clearer on how the body works, & how to make it work for you.

xox, M

Training for YOUR Winter Olympics

Hello My Darling!

OK!  The winter is soon to be upon us, & based on the number of FAT squirrels that I’ve personally seen foraging lately – our winter is going to be TOUGH.

Are you excited about snow & winter time festivities??  Hope so!

And is there an also an element of you that is additionally dreading SHOVELING??

Especially if it has been historically ROUGH on your back??

IF you’ve ever experienced a spasm relocating snow & wish to NEVER have that happen AGAIN – this exercise (done regularly) should help you stay AWAY from total back blowout.

(& if you KNOW you need more support in order to perform this exercise, please watch & entertain doing some lower back specific exercises beforehand here : Lower Back = New Best Friend )

(AND if you ALSO KNOW you need a bit more guidance & instruction around how to not get hurt in a myriad of situations, ESPECIALLY if your resolutions might be focused around fitness – please contemplate Power & Pain – scroll to bottom of list).

Check it out, & make the only reason you’re needing to remain on the couch be for watching other athletic endeavors that come close to rivaling your own. 😉

To getting you clear on how the body works, & how to make it work for you.

xoxo, M

What NOT to do for Lower Back Pain.

Hello My Darling!

Ok!  Have you, or do you, suffer from lower back discomfort?

Have you had experiences when your back has felt stiff, tight, or totally locked up with LOADS of pain accompanying it??

IF so – you probably tried to create some relief by STRETCHING.

And if that those particular stretches did NOT result in either much relief or even MORE pain :O, you might have been performing some of the movements in this very video.

Check it out to see what might be stalling progress or even increasing pain. :(…

To getting you clearer on how the body works, & how to make it work for you.

xo, M

Sleep Sounder

Hello My Darling!

If you’ve likened yourself to the Sleep Nazi by the tortuous position you end up in OR the fact that you believe you MUST sleep in a specific fashion – this could be for you.

Many of us think there’s a RIGHT or WRONG way to do any number of things – & the position we sleep in is not exempt from that list of judgement.

BUT if you’ve tried in vain to mend your ways only to find yourself back in the shape your body loves best, OR created a less restful slumber by AIMING to change your ways – this quick explanation & demo might serve you well.

To getting you clearer on how the body works, & how to make it work for you.

xo, M

Self Drainage for the Breast

Hello My Darling!

Well…. if you’ve ever had the awareness that Lymphatic Drainage is a healing & helpful modality AND if Breast Health is a priority in your world – this could be for you.

OR maybe both sound good, but you have no idea how to either take advantage of one or support the other – then please check this out.

If getting junk out of your system faster sounds like a good idea, learn a little more about this sedating & gentle type of bodywork, & perhaps give it a whirl within the comfort of your own home.

Self Lymphatic Drainage for the Breast

To getting you clearer on how the body works, & how to make it work for you.

xxo, M