Kick Klever

Hello Dear Ones,

If you’re someone who enjoys dabbling in a variety of exercises, or tends to find themselves doing loads of leg lifting in some manner (kick boxing, pilates, running…) – this might be for you.

Often when we either overdo it on the kicking or leg raising front (OR simply do it in an unsupported fashion) – we HURT!

And we hurt in a way that makes not only kicking but loads of other movements and activities challenging.

If you’d like to glean a little more understanding as how to offset overusing tiny tendons that weren’t meant for what’s being asked of them, please check out this video on the matter.

How to kick and not get hurt

And if you have a need for a bit more direction in the realm of injury prevention or power creation, please check out this series of discounted coaching programs, or even the ebook Power & Pain for a similar purpose.

Oh!  And if you’ve been interested in seeing Ms. Carolee the accomplished Reiki Master and Reflexologist, but her schedule hasn’t quite matched with your schedule – she is wishing to know what days might work for you best.

If there’s interest in helping her serve more best, please check out her quick questionnaire and indicate which day might be most desirable in your world.


To getting you clearer on how the body works, and how to make it work for you.

xo, M


Lower Back Love

Hello Dear One.

Do you sometimes (or FREQUENTLY?!?) have issues with your lower back?



The feeling of tension?

Do you do any kind of exercises for it????


Well, here’s a quick argument as to WHY you should love up your lower back frequently and fully (attached video demo of WHAT to do in video’s description).

Encouragement for Lower Back Strengthening

AND if you feel like you need a bit more help in this matter with either specific injury prevention attention, or full body fixing or refining, OR even simply help in the weight loss or fitness department, please check out this series of discounted coaching programs.

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R & R (reiki and reflexology) or Reiki with Aromatherapy for expecting Mom’s??  


Check out the full line up here.

To loving up your body on the regular, so it never lets you down.

xo, M

Working Out When Sick  (Should you do it?)

Hello Darling One!

Ok!  This great debate comes up OFTEN, but truth be told the end I typically hear does NOT involve additional evaluation and instead blind acceptance.

The fact is that NOTHING is really black and white, and so depending on a variety of circumstances something can be a great idea or NOT.

Please watch this short video to get a sense of WHAT you should do and WHEN.

Should you work out when sick

To getting you clearer on how the body works, and how to make it work for you.

xox, M

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Chiropractic Care

Hello Dear One!

DO you see a chiropractor??

Have you ever entertained the thought of it depending on what you’ve heard OR based on feeling pressure on your spine??

Personally I LOVE chiropractic care, and use it with regularity.

Check out this brief video to get a firmer grasp on more of how it works and who might be most suited.

Chiropractic Care

To getting you clear on how the body works, and how to make it work for you.

xo, M

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Her R&R (75 min reiki and reflexology) treatment sounds DIVINE.  Hear more about the aromatherapy, organic oils and heated towels here. 

Guidelines for R&R

Hello Dear One!

So if rest and relaxation is in order for your brain or being – have at it, as more of that is generally never a bad thing.

HOWEVER if you’re focused on resting your body in order to rehab an injury or a particular aspect of it – there are some guidelines that you might wish to adhere to.

Please listen to this plea about where to put your efforts in order to KEEP you upright and able AS your body recovers.

What to be mindful of for rest and recovery.

And I mention it in the video, but if you do need more instruction in the area of prevention or offsetting an injury – please check out Power & Pain the ebook, or Power & Pain in person (2 training sessions meant to get you clear on how to stay pain free and be strongest in any given move).


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Happy Holidays!

Love to all!

To getting you clearer on how the body works, and how to make it work for you.

xo, M

Behavioral Food for Thought

Hello Dear One!

Have you ever resigned yourself to the belief that you are as you are, even when possibly wishing to be having a different experience in the world?

Not to get too woo woo, but our bodies (and BRAINS especially) are wildly adaptive.

I thought to share two ways to train yourself to feel radically different based on exposure to the sensation most desired.

Hope this might be useful for the winter, as well as for your general state of well being.

Behaviors that can change your reality.

Love to all.

xo, M

Carolee’s Black Friday Special

Hello Dear One!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

If you are either in the mode of looking for more to be grateful for OR perhaps recognizing that you might need a little care and attention of your own – thisgift might be for you.

Carolee is offering a special for Reiki and Reflexology for purchase betweennow and 12pm Monday November 26.

– 60 min Reiki sessions can be purchased for $70 (versus $90)

– 60 min Reflexology sessions can be purchased for $75 (versus $90).

This offer is good for use until January 31, 2019.

Check out the special here and take advantage.

To getting you clearer on how the body works, and how to make it work for you.

xox, M

Quick fix for Muscle “Tightness”.

Hello Dear One!

If you’ve ever wished to give yourself some quick relief to an area that has felt tight, this sharing might prove useful.

Now, if you’ve yet to adopt the belief that I preach ALL the time, checking it out in action might give you a different appreciation.

When a muscle feels “tight”, chances are it’s actually taught and over stretched, versus short and compressed.

SO, if that is true – stretching it is actually the WORST thing to do.

Two better things to do would be to both stretch what’s on the opposite side of the body AND gently contract what is causing you discomfort.

This video from a couple years ago will speak to this in relation to cramping and increasing the stretch of any given area.

Check it out for more on those related matters AND a visual on this concept.

How to get a deeper stretch (or stop a cramp!)

AND Happy Thanksgiving!!  

Both myself AND Carolee (Reiki and Reflexology) are in the office this week if your body (or brain!) is in need.

Would love to tend to what’s ailing you if needed.

To getting you clearer on how the body works, and how to make it work for you.

xo, M

Offsetting Candy Consumption

Hello Dear One!

Ok!  Now that Halloween has come and gone, chances are the CANDY might not have.

IF you’d like to hear about 2 tips to incorporate now (and hopefully forever more) that will serve you WELL in the waistline department – please check out this video.

One act is typically not the end of the story, and if you’re slightly strategic about what you do around said behavior…it’s often possible to have your cake and eat it too.  😉

Offsetting Candy Consumption

To understand more about how the beautiful biological mode of fat burning that I speak of, please check out this series.

And if you’d like to know more about the process I take people through please learn more about Fat Burning Mastery here.

To getting you clearer on how the body works, and how to make it work for you.

xo, M

Reassessing Results

Hello Dear One!

Ok!  Have your sights been set on a particular outcome or destination for your body or life?

Have you been doing what you think you ought to?  Or what you’ve been told?

And are you getting what’s expected?

If so, GREAT!

If not, WAIT!

Perhaps it’s time to reassess.

Here’s a quick clip about the reality of WHEN you should expect any given thing, and an encouragement about getting real with what’s so – and a push to change it if you’re not jiving with that.

Results. Are you getting what you want?

To getting you clearer on how the body works, and how to make it work for you.

xo, M

& PS: Carolee is back in town!  If her healing hands and reiki or reflexology are needed in your realm, please look forward on the schedule to a Tuesday for her next availability.