More Flexible in Seconds?? (& HAPPY THANKSGIVING!)

Hello Dear Ones!

If you’ve branded yourself as, “not being flexible”, in the past or felt like your figer tips & toes were destined to never meet – this might be the technique for you.

Muscles on opposite sides of the body work in opposition to each other.  Ie: if one contracts, the opposite side MUST relax – or face injury :(.

If you’d like to understand more about how to use this hard wired feature in your very own body – watch on.

And as one mouthpiece for the whole – I wanted to wish you all a VERY Happy Thanksgiving.

The best part of working w/ the body are the people that make up the being inside of it.  Please know that your trust, belief & presence are not only greatly valued, but also greatly delighted in.

Thank you for being the gift that you are.

xo, M, A, & C