Gluteal Amnesia (& reminder of 20% off Power & Pain until Fri 3/31)

Hello Dear Ones!

I wished to offer a story w a happy ending re lower back pain.

This video shares a way to access that relief yourselves, & also includes a reminder of the opportunity to take advantage of Power & Pain* @ 20% off until 3/31.

This program is designed to enable your body to both NOT have mishaps &/or to be strongest & feel best. Hopefully forever.

Power & Pain* = 2 hr+ training sessions where the fundamentals of HOW the body moves best/most safely gets revealed/reinforced, as well as having your personal history accounted for w/ modifications around movement (either bring it up to speed, or respecting it as such throughout time).

There will also be discussion around foundational support concerning diet (anti-inflammation, or to aid in fat loss), as well as supplemental support in the form of vitamins & minerals to help a body not prematurely age, have more energy, not get sick/rundown, &/or recover faster from exercise, look youthful & feel vibrant.

Give this a look if your lower back is your problem area too, & give Power & Pain a thought if you’d like to be injury free, strongest in any given endeavor, & feeling robust & energized at a weight that feels best. (For LIFE!  😳)

Gluteal Amnesia (& reminder about 20% of Power & Pain)

To getting you clearer on how your body works, & how to make it work for you.

xox, M

*training sessions for Power & Pain will be held @ Laid-back Fitness in Warwick, & sessions need to be scheduled directly via email or phone.

*sessions need to be purchased by 3/31/17 to receive 20% discount, but do not need to be used by that date.  20% discount can also be combined w/ the price of a massage when purchased together.

*To purchase independently, pls go to, gift certificates, packages  – it will be listed on the top; or please email or call directly.