Hello Dear Ones!

OK! & OMG! Do you wrestle w/ sleepless nights, or difficulty falling back asleep once the spell has been broken?

If so, you are eerily & scarily NOT alone :O.

It’s actually quite alarming how many wrestle w/ getting enough shut eye, which affects a MILLION things including hormones that influence hunger, blood sugar, blood pressure, insulin levels, our metabolism, our LIFESPAN as well as cutting WAY down on the body’s ability to repair itself :(.

So, I wanted to share one useful technique that I’ve used for years & starting employing during a period of intense anxiety ages ago. I’ve found this to work when I’m totally out of my skull about something, or just not falling asleep as quickly as desired.

& in the video I share the encouragement to give yourself this suggestion until you fall asleep, b/c the only way it doesn’t work is if you stop reinforcing what you wish to have happen.

To using your brain for YOUR good, vs allowing it to have it’s way w/ you.

xox, M, A & C