Our Team

Michaela Foulkes


Michaela has been a practicing massage therapist since graduating from the Bancroft School of Massage in 1999. Her massage has a bio-mechanical focus which is a direct result of mentoring received from a notable local Rolfer, as well as being in the fitness industry working primarily with kettlebells.

She also has a deep appreciation that the body works as a unit, & to segment it out leads to a less effective treatment overall.

Michaela’s focus is on creating change in the tissue as well as helping the client to unwind and reconnect with their bodies. Awareness is brought to strength, posture, movement habits as well as supportive behaviors that might be additi­onally helpful after apt.

Prevention of degeneration in the body is a also a high priority for Michaela. She talks with her clients about ways to manage and reverse conditions, in order to create a vibrantly healthy body.

Amy Regan

Amy Regan is a recent graduate from the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, Ma. She also holds a BS in Biology from University of New Hampshire.

Her interest in this profession started around 2005 when Amy incorporated massage regularly with her training regimen (whether it was running marathons or triathlon races). She realized the benefits that massage can have on the body and was hooked from that time on.

Amy’s style of massage is therapeutic with deep tissue aspects according to the needs of the client. She will customize treatments for the client, whether it is relaxation, deep tissue, myofascial or trigger point therapy.

Laurarose Gauvin

Laurarose approaches massage therapy using an integrative method: utilizing several techniques including myofascial release, shiatsu and Thai massage, deep tissue, swedish and sports rehabilitation. Laurarose graduated from the renowned Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, Ma. She also has a background in Psychology and Exercise Science.

Laurarose uses her knowledge of human anatomy & blends it with intent­ional, effective, seamless techniques. Her focus is on opening up stiff joints, releasing deep muscular tension and creating an overall sense of well-being through customized treatments. She advises proactive health care, as well as education around pain management and daily wellness.

Carolee VanCouyghen Larimar, BSN

RCB Certified Reflex­ologist & Certified Reiki Master, Teacher

Carolee believes that healing is an art, and that communication between the therapist and client is a key component to a relaxing, dynamic, therapeutic session. Carolee carries a passion for health and organic living throughout her practice, using only pure products that she uses to care for herself and family.

She believes that when the client is leading their own healing process they are empowered to make lasting changes in their journey toward consci­ousness and health.

Additional information available about Carolee and her offerings at holisticri.com