My Mama Hurt Her Knee! (& what she can do about it)

Hello Dear Ones!

OK!  Pain & suffering it is! 😉  For my Mama at any rate.

 A tumble went from unfortunate to nasty when a torn meniscus was involved.  Exercise was discouraged by some, but I had a mind to check things out w/ her on our own…

If you’d like to see one SIMPLE, & 2 ESSENTIAL things to do ALL THE TIME whether you have a knee injury or not ;), watch away & create some freedom & comfort in places where there may not have been before.

To having your way w/ what you have ;).

xo, M, A, A, & C

Love & Acknowledgement

Hello Dear Ones,

Tis the season for giving BACK!

Wishing to share a LOAD of appreciation, as well as illumination on a fact that may be found surprising…

Watch on for a big love up, and possible eye opening.

To feeling the love, and spreading it far and wide.

xo, M, A, A, & C

Ashiatsu – Who Does It, What It Is, & Why It Might be for You

Hello Dear Ones!

Have you ever caught sight of the parrallel bars anchored to the ceiling at Still Point, & wondered what they were used for?

Or have you heard of the myths of barefoot massage, but never given yourself the opportunity to experience it?

OR have you actually taken the plunge & received the glory that IS Ashiatsu, but didn’t have an awareness that there are now TWO therapists at Still Point that practice that modality???

WELL, the fill in is mostly complete – but if you have an interest in understanding more about this powerful & soothing form of body work (who it might be best for, and who should avoid it…) WATCH ON!

To the Treat of Sweet Feet!

xo, M, A, A, & C

To Exercise or not To Exercise?

Hello My Darlings!

Ok!  A frequently asked question, especially when the injury incurred was from working out in the first place!

WELL, if you have ever struggled w/ this dilemma, this might be the video to check out.  

A slight adjustment to your body (and thinking) could get you free of pain as well as not derailing you from your desired lifestyle.



To helping reduce excuses that keep you from the gym ;).

xo, M, A, A, & C

The Perfect Push up

Hello My Darlings!

Ok!  Since we OFTEN talk about strength as the route away from pain – this will not be out of line.

“If” you’ve ever struggled w/ wanting to do this simple, but challenging, exercise & have run into discomfort in your shoulders or your wrists – this may be the video for you.

Push ups are an incredible exercise that are ridiculously efficient & convenient.  And if you use the 2 concepts of linkage and shoulder packing – you should be more easily moving your own body w/ comfort & grace.

Watch away!


To getting Smarter to become Stronger.

xo, M, A, A, & C

The Other Side of Massage

Hello Dear Ones!!

Oh my word! Why DO you get a massage?

Is it to deal w/ black and white tightness and pain? Or do you also receive something more?…

To get a bit more backing for the huge stand for well being that massage is – watch on!

To making health care exceedingly pleasurable. 😉

xox, M, A, A, & C

Hip Pain Bane (for runners who train)

Hello Dear Ones!

Oh my goodness! Do you run?

Do you LOVE it? Do you love it despite it taking a bit of a toll on your body? :( And has that strain showed up in your hips/top of thighs ever?!?

Well, if so – this segment might be worth checking out.

Watch and learn about your psoas muscle which is heavily involved w/ your well loved sport (but who also tends to carry more of the burden than it’s designed for…), and how to offset usage of this little guy – WHILE STILL RUNNING!! Yay!!

To figuring out how to not let anything slow you down ;).

xo, M, A, A, & C

A Losing Battle

Hello My Darlings!

Ok! There IS a deal w lower back discomfort ESP if you happen to be sitting a great deal of the day.

You see, the nature of sitting is pretty tough on the body. & when we do it all day, everyday… :/

SO, there is a way out & it is pretty simple!

Watch away & digest the 2 things that will either help prevent or alleviate lower back pain. Forever 😉

Video Addendum re: tip #2

*plus there’s mention of the 3 pillars of health (exercise, supplementation – pharm grade, & low glycemic eating or fat burning). If you have a desire for greater understanding on any or all – please be in touch.

To giving you a fighting chance when the odds are against you ;).

xo, M, A, A, & C

What to Stretch When ANYTHING Hurts

Hello Dear Ones,

Have you had the experience of wanting to stretch the bejesus out of an aspect of yourself, only to not create the comfort you desired??

If it feels tight, then why doesn’t loosening it give long lasting relief?

WELL (do I sound like a cracked record?), that “tightness” is really taughtness (think of a rope being pulled to a point so that there’s tension). So what actually needs to result in that area is laxness or allowing that muscle to be shorter, not longer.

If we stop pulling on it (by loosing OTHER muscles around it) we will create relief.

AND if you either A) don’t know where to stretch, or B) do, but are SO v wound that loosening the local vicinity still isn’t cutting it – watch on. (As well as getting an up close & personal experience of gate B6 in the PHL airport 😉).


And have you seen Ashley yet?? She’s leaving for vacation in Costa Rica for her birthday (lucky 🐥) @ the end of THIS WEEK!! Oh goodness! So if her special offer of a superb massage for $60 over $80 through the end of August is desired, I’d heartily encourage you to jump on the opportunity before time. runs. out…


To offering one solution for m(ANY) problems.

xo, M, A, A, & C

Stair Master

Hello My Darlings!

OK! Knee issues got you down? Or get you down when you do any particular activity, like for example – taking the stairs…? 😉

Well guess what? The activity may NOT necessarily be the problem, but HOW you’re taking on this movement may be.

Check out this quick clip for an alternative to pain and an option for increased comfort.


Oh! And have you seen our lovely & talented new therapist Ashley yet?? If not, you MAY want to check her out before her special ends on 8/31.

Schedule a 60 min 1st time session w/ her, and pay only $60 :O ($20 off any length session as well).

So much to gain and so little to lose!


To challenging absolutes ;).

xo, M, A, A, & C