How to Protect a Tweaky Lower Back

Hello Dear Ones!

Ok!  Does your lower back feel tenuous & therefore challenging to move about the cabin that is your life?  Especially when getting out of the car, standing up from a chair, or rolling over in bed??

Well, IF a little know how in this dept would be welcome in order to reduce discomfort & concern while increasing support – watch away.

Plus this technique can also shave a bit of the ‘ol belly off if done w regularity.  :O

To hopefully ALWAYS helping you to hit 2 birds w/ 1 stone.

xo, M, A, A, & C

When to Roll, When to Receive, & When to Workout

Hello Dear Ones!

Ok! If you’ve ever had a deeper discussion about your body at Still Point, there was very potentially talk of cause of discomfort, & also possible routes out of the dark spot you might have currently been inhabiting.

Posture is strength is often a well loved topic, as well as FOAM ROLLING.

If you’ve forgotten about that bastion of cruelty AND comfort that probably resides in your closet – this may be a good reminder as to why you might wish to get it out. (Or head your sweet patootie to the gym…)

Watch on to understand what you might consider doing based on how you feel.

And check out this time honored video that kicked off the inclination to visually share ages ago – that will guide you through where to roll, & in what order.

To hopefully offering clarity for the inexplicable, & solutions for the inclined.

xo, M, A, A, & C

Flat Back Rap

Hello Dear Ones,

Are you still wrestling w/ the inexplicable spasm & seizing up of your backity, back, back?

Are you still feeling less certain as to how to prevent this anomaly from happening??

WELL, a lovely client illuminated why a simple cue that I have aimed to drive home might not even make sense to be focused on in the first place! :O

Watch away w/ this quick clip as to how one might wish to position themselves, & why. Forever.  & ever.  Please. 😉

To sharing basics, & using reinforcement to hopefully help them become a way of life.

xo, M, A, A, & C


Healthy Back Track

Hello My Darlings!

Ok!  Are spasms & inexplicable tweaks still getting you down?

Would you like to have both an understanding & a habitual approach to do away w/ that madness for good??

WELL, if so – you may wish to watch this.

Strength creates support, and positioning ensures your body will remain uncompromised. If you desire some of either, or more of both, employing this series of exercises & actions will keep you chugging along happily w/ no fear of derailment.

To making sure you stay on course, & preventing future mishaps.

xo, M, A, A, & C


How to Protect Your Lower Back (by understanding HOW to stick out your butt)

Hello Dear Ones!

Does your lower back trouble you? If so, do you feel destined to be subjected to it’s seemingly fickle & sometimes volatile nature?

Well, if you’ve wished to take action and have remembered my incessant crowing to, “Stick out your butt!”, but have not actually understood HOW – watch away!

This is a heavy duty visual on pelvic mobility, & some guidance to get you to do precisely the same.

To understanding HOW to use it, in order to not lose it.

xo, M, A, A & C

Skip the Witch Hunt! Do these 3 things instead.

Hello Dear Ones!

Ok! Are you dealing w/ SYMPTOMS of some sort?

Pain? Arthritis? Asthma, allergies, or thyroid issues? Struggles w/ weight loss??

Many experience a maladie & rush to a test or an assessment to figure out the cause…

Well what if the lack of the PREVENTION was the actual culprit?? Does that make ANY sense?

If it does, or if it does NOT – but you’d rather feel GOOD vs mediocre OR be continuing wrestling w/ something that’s either minorly or majorly inconvenient – watch on!

We can have a lot of freedom, vibrancy & longevity if we incorporate these 3 things into our life on a daily basis.

To showcasing health to be simple & continual.

xo, M, A, A, & C

Why to NEVER Stretch Your Lower Back

Hello Dear Ones!

Does your lower back often feel “tight”?  If so, do you generally wish to, or turn to, creating relief by stretching those stubborn muscles low on your spine – only to not have the issue resolved?  Or possibly even exacerbated?!?!

Oh my goodness!  Well if pain & confusion have gotten the better of you in this situation – you may wish to watch on.

Get some clarity on this calamity, perhaps an even a more useful tactic while in crisis, AND a solution to prevent the problem in the first place :O!!

To uncovering unexpected logic ;).

 xo, M, A, A, & C

My Mama Hurt Her Knee! (& what she can do about it)

Hello Dear Ones!

OK!  Pain & suffering it is! 😉  For my Mama at any rate.

 A tumble went from unfortunate to nasty when a torn meniscus was involved.  Exercise was discouraged by some, but I had a mind to check things out w/ her on our own…

If you’d like to see one SIMPLE, & 2 ESSENTIAL things to do ALL THE TIME whether you have a knee injury or not ;), watch away & create some freedom & comfort in places where there may not have been before.

To having your way w/ what you have ;).

xo, M, A, A, & C

Love & Acknowledgement

Hello Dear Ones,

Tis the season for giving BACK!

Wishing to share a LOAD of appreciation, as well as illumination on a fact that may be found surprising…

Watch on for a big love up, and possible eye opening.

To feeling the love, and spreading it far and wide.

xo, M, A, A, & C

Ashiatsu – Who Does It, What It Is, & Why It Might be for You

Hello Dear Ones!

Have you ever caught sight of the parrallel bars anchored to the ceiling at Still Point, & wondered what they were used for?

Or have you heard of the myths of barefoot massage, but never given yourself the opportunity to experience it?

OR have you actually taken the plunge & received the glory that IS Ashiatsu, but didn’t have an awareness that there are now TWO therapists at Still Point that practice that modality???

WELL, the fill in is mostly complete – but if you have an interest in understanding more about this powerful & soothing form of body work (who it might be best for, and who should avoid it…) WATCH ON!

To the Treat of Sweet Feet!

xo, M, A, A, & C