Power & Pain (new offering & a 20% discount for March)

Hello Dear Ones!

IF we’ve EVER talked about the cause of your discomfort, or if you’ve had specific exercises or techniques demonstrated to you, or we’ve gone over them in the treatment room, or you’ve had instructional videos sent to you, OR you make a point to watch these videos for a tutorial that might apply to your current situation…..


Oh my goodness!!  I’m so excited!!  :D!!  FINALLY, the offer is now literally ON the table to actually have the whole picture of your body revealed to you – should you so wish.

Power & Pain is 2 training sessions* (following having worked on your body in the recent past) that will go over the mechanics of the body, how to use physics to your advantage, & how to either offset or heal your personal physical limitations.

We’ll also broach the subject of inflammation/body breakdown & how to offset that w/ supplemental support; as well as the topic of nutrition &/or the biological state of Fat Burning – should that be desired.

If you’ve wrestled w/ getting injured, or feeling weak in certain positions/movements, OR there are aspects of your body that you tend to avoid due to concern of feeling pain – this could be for you.

If you feel that your body could be performing better in life, @ the gym, in your sport of choice & have a desire to understand how to be strongest/most powerful AND to remain injury free – this could be for you.

If you feel like you are less able & are just, “getting old”, & wish to NOT feel that way – this could be for you.

If you desire a body that feels like it has less limits, & desire to understand HOW to have that – this could be for you.

If energy, weight loss, or eating as you believe you, “should”, is eluding you – this could be for you.

The body is magical, but it is not mysterious.  It is logical.  If you have a desire to understand more about the home that you inhabit, & how to use it to your advantage – I invite you to check out this offering.

**** & for the month of March Power & Pain is 20% off, as well as 20% off the cost of a Massage if purchased together.

**** This is @ least a $50 savings, if you have a need PLEASE take advantage!

To giving you an education that could last your lifetime.

Much, much love!!

Excited! 😀

xox, M

* Training sessions need to be scheduled by phone/email, & will be performed @ Laid-Back Fitness in Warwick.

Shoulder (& Super Human) Strength

Hello Dear Ones!

Ok!  Shoulder strength & stability is ALWAYS a hot topic, but a little more than usual as of late.

If you have injured, or feel the need to baby 1 (or both :O) of your shoulders & RESIST doing mundane rotator cuff exercises – this might be the move for you.

AND if you wish to make your shoulder’s move away from the land of simply preventing pain, & into the realm of amazement w/ what’s possible w/in your own body’s abilities – this quick technique might be for you as well.

To keeping you in the know & free from harm.

xo, M


Shoulder Injury Prevention

Hello Dear Ones!

OK! So, have you had the experience of inadvertently tweaking your shoulder either doing something benign or knowingly downright risky?!?

Would you like to know how to prevent such harm or concern in the near future?

The shoulder joint has a BIG range of motion, & w/ that comes greater risk of compromise. However, possibility does not equate w/ inevitability.

If you have ever worried about messing w/ your shoulder’s integrity & comfort, or have already unwillingly run aground in a particular circumstance – WATCH ON!

This crap is useful, & it just may keep you out of our office 😉 & enable you to not miss a beat in the rest of life.

To making movements smarter so your body is ultimately safer.

xo, M, A & CL

Receiving & Releasing

Hello Dear Ones!

Just thought to reflect a conversation that perpetually happens w/in the walls of Still Point, & see if it might help you to do less & let more go as well.

Your body is miraculous, & it is ALWAYS WORKING.  Perhaps remembering that might allow you the understanding that relaxation is your birthright, & the natural order of things.

Now it might not make the items on your holiday list magically get done, but chances are your undertakings will be far more smooth, efficient, & undoubtedly pleasure-filled.

To being FASCINATED w the home that you inhabit, & utilizing it’s hardwiring for your greater good.

xo, M, A, & C

More Flexible in Seconds?? (& HAPPY THANKSGIVING!)

Hello Dear Ones!

If you’ve branded yourself as, “not being flexible”, in the past or felt like your figer tips & toes were destined to never meet – this might be the technique for you.

Muscles on opposite sides of the body work in opposition to each other.  Ie: if one contracts, the opposite side MUST relax – or face injury :(.

If you’d like to understand more about how to use this hard wired feature in your very own body – watch on.

And as one mouthpiece for the whole – I wanted to wish you all a VERY Happy Thanksgiving.

The best part of working w/ the body are the people that make up the being inside of it.  Please know that your trust, belief & presence are not only greatly valued, but also greatly delighted in.

Thank you for being the gift that you are.

xo, M, A, & C


Hello Dear Ones!

OK! & OMG! Do you wrestle w/ sleepless nights, or difficulty falling back asleep once the spell has been broken?

If so, you are eerily & scarily NOT alone :O.

It’s actually quite alarming how many wrestle w/ getting enough shut eye, which affects a MILLION things including hormones that influence hunger, blood sugar, blood pressure, insulin levels, our metabolism, our LIFESPAN as well as cutting WAY down on the body’s ability to repair itself :(.

So, I wanted to share one useful technique that I’ve used for years & starting employing during a period of intense anxiety ages ago. I’ve found this to work when I’m totally out of my skull about something, or just not falling asleep as quickly as desired.

& in the video I share the encouragement to give yourself this suggestion until you fall asleep, b/c the only way it doesn’t work is if you stop reinforcing what you wish to have happen.

To using your brain for YOUR good, vs allowing it to have it’s way w/ you.

xox, M, A & C

Bringing (STRONG &) Sexy Back

Hello Dear Ones!

OK! So we’ve discussed specific strengthening for your lower back primarily, & positioning for both upper & lower aspects of the back of your body to help offset/prevent discomfort in the past.

But what about the entire back? And what about an approach that reduces the likelihood of discomfort in the first place??

Enter a series of exercises that would be a FABULOUS idea to be doing on the regular in a gym (home or away) near you.

(Musical accompaniment included. #Ludacris #getback)

(And if additional instruction on shoulder packing is required – here. you. go.)

To making a fit & able body both CLEAR & possible to attain.

xo, M, A, A, & C

A Rotator Cuff Quickie

Hello Dear Ones!

OK! So MANY of you deal w/ shoulder discomfort stemming from a weakened Rotator Cuff due to either significant injury, overuse, or NEGLECT!! :O

Let’s change that! And let’s do it quickly & easily.

I too need to do upkeep w/ that series of muscles due to a shoulder dislocation a couple years ago.

The thing that’s both a pain & a privilege is that discomfort & dysfunction will creep up slowly & alert you to the need to tend to this joint. So a touch of regular upkeep can not only keep you SOLIDLY in the game – but also aware of what needs to happen & when.

So cozy up to a door jamb if you’re in need, OR to create a super strong & stable joint that will more than likely prevent an injury in the future.

To making your body, & it’s maintenance, work for you.

xo, M, A, A, & C

Rollout! (& the other heavy hitting 1/2 of Recovery)

Hello Dear Ones!

RECOVERY!!!  OMG!  This is one of the hotter topic inside the walls of Still Point!

There are 2 main things that will either slooooooow the process of breakdown (or build up), or prevent it form happening in the 1st place (yay!).

1. Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements:

  – these are companies that have voluntarily adhered to the same strict standards as companies that make pharmaceutical drugs.

  – Ie: every ingredient has to be listed on the bottle, what’s in the tablet has to match what’s listed on the bottle, formulations & batches must be consistent, the product must be free from contaminants, the product has to break down w/in the body in 30min or less (USANA’s breakdown w/in 20min).

  – USANA is the company I’ve used for AGES & ADORE.  If you wish to know more pls be in touch, or check things out yourself at www.michaela.usana.com

2. Foam Rolling:

  – the nature of muscles is to contract & relax.  However if we use our bodies & don’t make an effort to undo some of the tension that accumulates from use (massage, stretching, or FOAM ROLLING) we will end of feeling progressively tighter resulting in stiffness, heaviness, pain, & potentially injury. 🙁

  – Foam rolling indiscriminately challenges the tissue w/ using your own body weight for pressure against a cylinder of compressed foam.

So check out this video if you wish to have a quick rundown of where to roll & in what order, accompanied by a little ditty by Ludacris ;).

Foam Rolling & Recovery


To drving home the same points to hopefully make them stick ;).

xo, M, A, A, & C


Safe, Strong, & WAY Better Looking!

Hello Dear Ones,

OK!  What’s ONE area of the body that tends to get compromised RIDICULOUSLY easily?

Our SHOULDERS!!!  Yay!  That’s right!

That joint has a million needed uses, & a high level of flexibility as well as vulnerability.  BUT if you pack them while using them (which is essentially ALL the time), you reduce the potential level of harm to next to nil.

So if shoulder concern has/does trouble you – check out this quick clip & aid yourself in staying in the clear from now until forever more ;).

Shoulder Packing

To illustrating how you work so you can potentially navigate the world w/ an increased element of grace & ease.

xoxo, M, A, A, & C