Power & Pain (new offering & a 20% discount for March)

Hello Dear Ones!

IF we’ve EVER talked about the cause of your discomfort, or if you’ve had specific exercises or techniques demonstrated to you, or we’ve gone over them in the treatment room, or you’ve had instructional videos sent to you, OR you make a point to watch these videos for a tutorial that might apply to your current situation…..


Oh my goodness!!  I’m so excited!!  :D!!  FINALLY, the offer is now literally ON the table to actually have the whole picture of your body revealed to you – should you so wish.

Power & Pain is 2 training sessions* (following having worked on your body in the recent past) that will go over the mechanics of the body, how to use physics to your advantage, & how to either offset or heal your personal physical limitations.

We’ll also broach the subject of inflammation/body breakdown & how to offset that w/ supplemental support; as well as the topic of nutrition &/or the biological state of Fat Burning – should that be desired.

If you’ve wrestled w/ getting injured, or feeling weak in certain positions/movements, OR there are aspects of your body that you tend to avoid due to concern of feeling pain – this could be for you.

If you feel that your body could be performing better in life, @ the gym, in your sport of choice & have a desire to understand how to be strongest/most powerful AND to remain injury free – this could be for you.

If you feel like you are less able & are just, “getting old”, & wish to NOT feel that way – this could be for you.

If you desire a body that feels like it has less limits, & desire to understand HOW to have that – this could be for you.

If energy, weight loss, or eating as you believe you, “should”, is eluding you – this could be for you.

The body is magical, but it is not mysterious.  It is logical.  If you have a desire to understand more about the home that you inhabit, & how to use it to your advantage – I invite you to check out this offering.

**** & for the month of March Power & Pain is 20% off, as well as 20% off the cost of a Massage if purchased together.

**** This is @ least a $50 savings, if you have a need PLEASE take advantage!

To giving you an education that could last your lifetime.

Much, much love!!

Excited! 😀

xox, M

* Training sessions need to be scheduled by phone/email, & will be performed @ Laid-Back Fitness in Warwick.