When to Roll, When to Receive, & When to Workout

Hello Dear Ones!

Ok! If you’ve ever had a deeper discussion about your body at Still Point, there was very potentially talk of cause of discomfort, & also possible routes out of the dark spot you might have currently been inhabiting.

Posture is strength is often a well loved topic, as well as FOAM ROLLING.

If you’ve forgotten about that bastion of cruelty AND comfort that probably resides in your closet – this may be a good reminder as to why you might wish to get it out. (Or head your sweet patootie to the gym…)

Watch on to understand what you might consider doing based on how you feel.

And check out this time honored video that kicked off the inclination to visually share ages ago – that will guide you through where to roll, & in what order.

To hopefully offering clarity for the inexplicable, & solutions for the inclined.

xo, M, A, A, & C