Rollout! (& the other heavy hitting 1/2 of Recovery)

Hello Dear Ones!

RECOVERY!!!  OMG!  This is one of the hotter topic inside the walls of Still Point!

There are 2 main things that will either slooooooow the process of breakdown (or build up), or prevent it form happening in the 1st place (yay!).

1. Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements:

  – these are companies that have voluntarily adhered to the same strict standards as companies that make pharmaceutical drugs.

  – Ie: every ingredient has to be listed on the bottle, what’s in the tablet has to match what’s listed on the bottle, formulations & batches must be consistent, the product must be free from contaminants, the product has to break down w/in the body in 30min or less (USANA’s breakdown w/in 20min).

  – USANA is the company I’ve used for AGES & ADORE.  If you wish to know more pls be in touch, or check things out yourself at

2. Foam Rolling:

  – the nature of muscles is to contract & relax.  However if we use our bodies & don’t make an effort to undo some of the tension that accumulates from use (massage, stretching, or FOAM ROLLING) we will end of feeling progressively tighter resulting in stiffness, heaviness, pain, & potentially injury. 🙁

  – Foam rolling indiscriminately challenges the tissue w/ using your own body weight for pressure against a cylinder of compressed foam.

So check out this video if you wish to have a quick rundown of where to roll & in what order, accompanied by a little ditty by Ludacris ;).

Foam Rolling & Recovery


To drving home the same points to hopefully make them stick ;).

xo, M, A, A, & C