A Rotator Cuff Quickie

Hello Dear Ones!

OK! So MANY of you deal w/ shoulder discomfort stemming from a weakened Rotator Cuff due to either significant injury, overuse, or NEGLECT!! :O

Let’s change that! And let’s do it quickly & easily.

I too need to do upkeep w/ that series of muscles due to a shoulder dislocation a couple years ago.

The thing that’s both a pain & a privilege is that discomfort & dysfunction will creep up slowly & alert you to the need to tend to this joint. So a touch of regular upkeep can not only keep you SOLIDLY in the game – but also aware of what needs to happen & when.

So cozy up to a door jamb if you’re in need, OR to create a super strong & stable joint that will more than likely prevent an injury in the future.

To making your body, & it’s maintenance, work for you.

xo, M, A, A, & C