Massage therapy/body work is a powerful preventive technique that can address and prevent physical discomfort before it starts.  Body work is an outlet that can be healing for all aspects of  an individual – mental, physical, and spiritual.  The body doesn’t lie, and is generally a great educator.  Accessing it’s wisdom through sensation and feeling more connected to it can be an uplifting and transformative experience.

Swedish Massage

A choice for someone who desires specifically to relax, feel nurtured, and who is potentially sensitive to pressure.  Traditional massage combining gentle kneading techniques with long, flowing strokes designed to ease stress, reduce muscle tension, loosen stiff joints, and increase circulation.

Deep Tissue

A choice for someone who has points of discomfort or restriction that they would like alleviated or lessened.  Focus on working on the body as a unit while seeking out areas of tightness/thickness/disorganization in the tissue.  Effort to make tissue softer/thinner/smoother to as to create greater comfort, ease of movement, and for results to last longer.


Designed to address large areas of tightness, and to give deeper pressure.  Bare foot massage uses bars overhead for balance, support, and to moderate the amount of pressure delivered.  Ashiatsu is done predominately on the back of the body, and with traditional draping.  Using the foot, like one would the hand to massage, Ashiatsu feels similar to a traditional massage w/ added depth, increased decompression of the spine, and a slower more sedating tempo.
*Concern of osteoporosis contraindicated for this type of massage.


Pregnancy massage, or pre-natal massage, is designed exclusively for expectant mothers.  This lighter technique will support a mother-to-be and help relieve tension in specific areas.  Pregnancy massage is especially useful in relieving muscle spasms and cramps, promoting relaxation (key to easy labor and delivery), enhancing the gestation process, and reducing stress in the weight-bearing joints and bone structures.

Please Note: It is strongly recommended that expectant mothers are past their first trimester, and seek the approval of their physician before receiving massage.

Lymphatic Drainage

This light, relaxing technique promotes the healthy flow of ‘lymph,’ the clear fluid that flows throughout our bodies carrying toxins and waste.  Any imbalances or blockages in the lymphatic system, that which underlies our immunity, are sought out; and a healthy flow is reestablished and increased for moving toxins out of the body.  Lymphatic therapy aids in detoxification, boosting the immune system, relieving sinus issues, inflammation, tooth/ear and bodily pain, and promotes deep relaxation.

Hot Stone

During a Hot Stone Massage, heated basalt stones are used to massage the body creating sensations of comfort and warmth.  The direct heat relaxes the muscles, allowing for manipulation of a greater intensity than with regular massage.  This massage is deeply soothing and feels luxurious.


An ancient and sacred healing art that attunes the energy flow within the body. It is used to relieve stress and promote balance, harmony, and wellness allowing one’s healing process to occur. This gentle hands-on-healing treatment is done fully clothed.

Foot Reflexology

This deeply relaxing footwork therapy applies specialized techniques on reflex points to revitalize the body as a whole, promote the alpha state of relaxation and improve circulation, using organic Ayurvedic oils. This focused session is tailored to you.

Heated Volcanic Stone & Gemstone Foot Reflexology (90min)

Healing gemstones such as rose quartz, amethyst, garnet, and ruby are used in harmony with heated volcanic basalt stones to soothe, and apply deep precise pressure on reflex points. Starts a warm organic lemon Himalayan pink salt scrub.

Weight Management & Body Image Reflexology (foot)

a unique technique integrating traditional Chinese meridian work, and trigger point stimulation – designed to support weight management and a healthy body image. Herbal infused organic oils are integrated to promote detoxification and rejuvenation

Women’s Health Reflexology (foot)

This therapy combines reflexes located on the hands, wrists, feet, and ankle. This relaxing, stress relieving therapy is designed focus on hormone balancing reflexes and includes organic Shatavari infused oil and aromatherapy

Prenatal Foot Reflexology

This method aids lymphatic drainage, to reduce swelling. It is specially designed for expecting mothers and is in the comfort of a cushioned massage table with a pregnancy wedge. Each session starts with a warm organic citrus Himalayan salt scrub.

Ayurvedic Facial Reflexology

Facial reflexology blended with the benefits of cooled marble stones and gemstones. Cold functions as a powerful decongestant, pushing fluid from tense or inflamed tissue, while organic Ayurvedic oils, heated towels and aromatherapy sooth the senses.

Ayurvedic Cranio-Ear-Sinus Therapy (Karna Purna, Nasya, & Marma point)

Nasya: a few drops of organic herbal oil into the nostrils through an inversion technique. Karna purna: a flow of warm herbal oil on to a marma point at the top of the ear, which can help liquefy earwax, and promote toxins and debris to exit the ear.

Ear Coning with facial reflexology

Facial reflexology combined with ear coning, and optional karna purna

Ayurvedic Facial Reflexology combo

Ayurvedic facial reflexology with combined with either hand or foot reflexology.

Holistic Therapies For Children (45 min)

Each session is tailored to the specific child. Children may bring favorite relaxing music or blanket. Session integrates Marma point work, reiki, breath-work, guided imagery, gemstone healing, and reflexology.