Shoveling Tips

Hello Darling One!

How did you fare through the storm??  Hopefully well.

And I also hope that the process of snow management in your world ALSO went smoothly.

To either ensure that it does for the future, OR to know how it went wrong (& what to do about it!) – please check this out.

Would love to see you ANY time, but would love even more for you to know how to not get hurt. 😉

AND if you have a desire to both understand how to not get hurt OR to help a variety of aspects of your health – please check this link out.

I’m coaching individuals more formally on the matters of pain, strength, weakness, preventing body breakdown, NOT FEELING OLD, sped up recovery, & weight loss.

I’ve been working with clients in all these capacities separately for some time, & now I wish for all that’s available to be known to possibly put together one person’s multi faceted “puzzle”.

In these initial stages I’m wishing to work with a handful of individuals for a reduced cost to streamline offerings/timelines & to receive feedback.

Would love to have you take a gander & be in touch if you have any questions or interest.

Thank you!!!

To getting you clearer on how the body works, & how to make it work for you.

xoxo, M