Ice VS Heat! The End of an Epic Debate

Hello Dear Ones.

Well, which is it? And when should I do what?!?

Watch and see your confusion melt away. Your brain will glow bright w/ understanding around which substance is far superior, but will simultaneously be illuminated as to how both carry weight to heal.

Utilize elements of nature to soothe and repair, and now know WHY they help so magnificently.

To helping your body AND brain chill out ;).

xo, M & LR @ Still Point

Spasms! The Deal & What to Do.

Hello Darling Ones,

Yup! The ever tortuous, elusive spasm!

The strike from behind, no holds barred phenomenon that can happen at what feels like the drop of a hat. Boo :(.

Well, what we have here today, is not only an effort to demystify this evil specter – but a little home remedy as well.

So watch away, and keep those painful demons at bay ;).

To helping you to work WITH your body vs it against YOU.

xo, M & LR @ Still Point