Wash While Speeding Healing??

Hello My Darlings!

So, if you’ve had accidental or organized (medical procedure) trauma to your body, & have wished to either NOT deal w/ swelling & bruising – OR to speed healing around those issues – this video might be for you.

I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from my forehead last Fri 5/27, & made a point to treat myself to some self drainage in the OR in order to prevent/mitigate visible signs of trauma from the surgery.

Things are looking good, & I have faith that taking a little time w/ this method helped.


  I went into this surgery super supported (physically strong, well rested, antioxidant/nutrient levels in blood high due to supplementation, inflammation in body low due to a fat burning diet & supplementation, & feeling hopeful/excited about procedure vs fearful) – which MATTERS.

  We’re not a segmented system, so multiple elements of full bodied/being support is essential, lymphatic drainage being one of them in this situation.

So give it a look see, & evaluate if this might be a useful & simple addition to your daily routine.

Everyday Lymph Drainage for Healing

AND if you wish to understand more about full bodied detoxification, &/or how that can help in the realm of weight loss – be in touch.

Happy to offer education in an area that fascinates/confounds most.

To giving you more resources so you can use the ones you have less. 😉

xo, M, A, A, & CL