Wrinkles, Baggy Eyes, & Wound Healing – Oh my!

Hello My Darlings!

Ok, well if beauty & speeding healing are both points of interest for you (especially ON YOUR FACE) – this video may be worthy of inspection.

My recent surgery has prompted the desire to employ Lymphatic Drainage in an effort to speed healing, as well as to prevent scarring :O.

AND this technique also paves the way for less wrinkles, management of puffy eyes, allergies, sore throats, tooth pain & more!

Lymphatic Drainage Post Op (face)

BUT if overall detoxification is something that you desire to achieve – please know that THAT process happens on a daily basis, & is best served w/ a clean diet, exercise/sweating, & supplementation (USANA’s Essemtials & Hepasil DTX are products I swear by).

Reach out w/ questions or any desire for greater understanding.

To giving you more tools to use while off the table.

xo, M, A, A, & C